Saturday, 7 January 2017

Brand New Start.

There was something satisfying about taking down last year’s wall planner in Glyn’s and my office today and replacing it with a new one.

There couldn’t really be a clearer symbol for wiping the slate clean and starting again. It's like going back to school after the summer holidays and writing your name on the cover of your new rough-book, or being desperate to use your new pen; even though you’d probably soon be over it, at that moment, the term was full of new possibilities and chances to reinvent yourself, like a much less drastic version of the Reggie Perrin opening credits.

(I never stripped naked in class, by the way.)

I’d be lying if I didn’t say there are some aspects to starting afresh that are intimidating, or even nerve-wracking; for one, I need to get working on a new show. However, putting up that wall planner reminded me was that I’ve still got plenty of time; I don’t need to employ someone to ghostwrite it just yet.

First things first: I need to get my tax return finished; when I’m no longer knee-deep in receipts I can get on with the other stuff. The sooner, the better, I think.

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