Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Night Before.

We’re now all set for tomorrow’s Broadway Theatre Mostly Comedy.

I met Glyn briefly this evening to run through our material and to discuss a few bits of admin related to the show. We’re both looking forward to it - and while I would have liked it to have sold a little better than it has (I feel it's been poorly advertised) it will still be a good night; it will be nice to run the gig in a theatre and to make the most of the tech set-up and size of the space to give the event a sense of theatrics that can be missed in the slightly more ad hoc nature of our usual venue. 

If all goes to plan, the space should do mine and Glyn’s stuff a good service; our act always works best when the projections are big, and in this instance they’ll be bigger than ever, as we’re using the theatre’s cinema projector to throw the image onto the cyc at the back of the stage. Never before will the tiny details in our slides have been so massive; hopefully, it will make for a good reaction from the audience.

Like many things we do, we’ve taken tomorrow’s gig a bit for granted, but stepping back for a moment, it’s indicative of how much Mostly Comedy has grown. I think the following Facebook post illustrates this the best:

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