Saturday, 11 March 2017

Comedy Short(s).

I spent most of the afternoon today putting together a slideshow for a piece of material that if it goes into my show will only last about two or three minutes.

It can be frustrating when that much work goes into something so short, but that’s the way it goes. I’m a fan of intricate detail and like the thought that people watching will be amused by the lengths to which I’ll go to illustrate a point. That’s where using projection is good, as you can shine on a light on the tiniest aspects of something and get a laugh out of the mundanities of it; Doggett & Ephgrave would never have had any stand-up material if it weren’t for this, and while a lot of my solo stuff is story led, I still think I’m best when I’m using a projector as I know what to do with it.

As for the piece of material I was working on, I think it has promise, even if it is very short. It may be a little overwritten, but I’ll try it out as soon as I can do it properly to make sure. At least it felt good to be forging ahead and getting something done. I’ve just got to keep it up; part of the problem is I forget what bits I wanted to work on until something happens in my day-to-day life to remind me. That’s why I always carry my little notebook around with me: to jot stuff down as it comes back to me, so I can keep track of what I want to do. At least I have a list of stuff to fall back on then, which is useful when I’ve got so much writing I need to do.

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