Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Proof it.

Today I okayed the proofs for my Edinburgh Fringe brochure and online listings, thus finalising the title and vague content of my show.

Sneak preview of my 2017 EdFringe listing.
it will be called ‘Now Who’s a Comedian?’, in direct reference to a running joke my wife and I have that she’ll one day take a show to the festival with that name, to achieve more success and accolades than I ever could (despite working in a completely different field to me) thus putting me in my place. I always liked the idea that she’d aggressively shout the title after every punchline, stamping her foot as she does it, to hammer the point home.

There’s a definite sense now I’m starting to formalize and finalise my trip to Edinburgh that things are beginning to move forward. There’s still a lot of writing / compiling to do, but there’s a sense that things are developing along the way; I know where I want to go with my ideas and the tone I want to create. Now all I have to do is gradually piece bits of material together and try them out at  open mic gigs here and there (and at Mostly Comedy) - more than anything to get those ideas out in the open, and not to expect a too hearty response in an environment that’s difficult to break; it’s more about hearing the content out loud myself and truly deciding what I think.

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