Friday, 17 March 2017

Getting On.

I had a moment of reassurance tonight when I listened back to a few little recordings of bits of material I’ve been working on with a view to going in my show and they actually made me laugh.

I’ve been doing everything in fits and starts of late, that I haven’t been able to get a handle on what’s been done and whether it’s any good. I’d hoped to use this week to really get down to it, but inevitably, things kept getting in the way. I didn't have time to do anything today until late, so I decided to take stock of what I’d been tinkering with recently, rather than start anything knew - and the benefit of having had a little space from it all helped to put things back into perspective. I’m actually enjoying the slightly more robust style of what's coming out, partly as a result of being more faithful to the blogs I’ve written, while using projection to punctuate them. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I feel heartened by what’s coming together, of which there’s more than I’d first thought.

In other news (literally) I was pleased to see a piece in today’s Comet about next week’s Mostly, having moaned about the lack of coverage yesterday. It was exactly what I wanted, as it’s just as valid to cover an event when it’s sold out. It helps to remind people locally who aren’t on our mailing list that we are regularly getting big names and pulling a crowd. The fact the last six gigs all sold out in advance is quite something. Let’s hope we can keep it up; either way, I’m going to make the most of the next few shows to try out the stuff I’m working on and to give it a good airing; it’s time to keep this new feeling of positivity up.

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