Sunday, 5 March 2017

Definitely Doing it.

Today I registered for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe; it’s official: the shit's about to kick off once again.

Hopefully now I can get to grips with the show’s content and stop concentrating on admin. There are clearly still things to finalise on this front, but it’s anxiety-provoking to spend so much time on the organisational side of things when the show you’re promoting doesn’t exist yet.

This is why I decided to motor on with the registration today. It's one of a number of jobs that were hanging over my head that conspired to make it all seem daunting and impossible to complete. My biggest worry in truth is when I’m going to sit down and get to grips with actually writing the thing, but at least now the lion’s share of the administrative work has been done: my digs and venue are booked and the show has been registered; that’s a good place to be at this point.

I've also done more writing than I think. I’ve been trying new bits out at Mostly for the past few months as well as at various open mic gigs, plus there are plenty of blogs I know I want to rework into live material. Yesterday, I made a list of a handful I'd forgotten about until a cursory flick through the website brought them up. There’s also plenty of lesser-known Doggett & Ephgrave stuff I can turn to if it seems relevant; in many ways it's more of a case of choosing what to leave out, particularly with a resource like the blog to turn to. That’s why it was worth me keeping it up: so past-David could help out Future-David now.

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