Sunday, 26 March 2017

2 Become 1.

It’s worrying when someone tries to amalgamate you and your double act partner into one person.

It’s particularly concerning when the people who choose to do this are a bank that you’ve been with for years. You’d think they’d have it on record that we’re two individuals, but apparently not; this all bodes well for the safety of our online identities and our money, when a simple thing like remembering our names is overlooked.

Outside of stumbling across post addressed to a pushmi-pullyu version of my comedy partnership, I took my mum out for breakfast this morning to mark Mother’s Day and did some writing in the afternoon, returning to the material I’d aborted the say before, when it wasn’t coming together. As I suspected, it sounded better on fresh ears, but still needs a lot of work. I made a point of not doing too much today anyway, as I didn’t want to overload myself as I’m prone to do; I want to be up in the morning to chastise the postman after all.

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