Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Something in the Way.

Today’s been another day of admin, followed by admin, followed by admin, followed by a tiny bit of writing.

Amongst other things, I booked a few gigs in April and two previews at the Etcetera Theatre in July. I could still do with more of the latter in the diary, and would particularly like some at shows I don’t organise myself. For someone who offers other acts work all the time - he says like a comedic martyr - I don’t get many back myself, which is frustrating, as it would be nice to have a little of what I constantly give everyone else: the chance to try new material out to a sizeable guaranteed audience; if you enter people’s lives as a promoter, they’ll never see you differently.

I’ve also spent today tinkering with artwork for my Bath dates next month, which are getting close enough for me to have to get a wiggle on with ordering the print for. I won’t need too many posters and flyers as hopefully the location of the venue and the nature of it being a festival should help drum up an audience, but it’s frustrating that yet again, the promo work for my stuff suffers in the wake of all the other organization I do.

The writing’s the most important bit. I’ve still got plenty of time to pull things together for the summer, but I’d like to get the admin for my work-in-progress dates and Mostly Comedy done as soon as possible, so I can turn my attention to what should be my priority. I did quickly run through my proposed set for Thursday’s Mostly, but didn’t spend as much time on it as I’d like. If I knuckle down tomorrow morning, I can hopefully spend most of tthe day rehearsing for Thursday and sketching out more new stuff to work up over the next few weeks so I can make the most of my Bath and Brighton dates; the more I work up the better, as it will give me time to fathom out what's funny and what isn't.

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