Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Can't Picture It.

Today I had a reasonably productive day, which included finishing off and ordering artwork for my Bath ‘All Work, No Progress’ dates (which are practically three weeks away; shit-sticks), rehearsing some new material for tomorrow’s Mostly and having a quick look at some of the other blogs I’m likely to work into stand-up.

I’ve got quite a few spots over April to try stuff out (including my Bath shows and an extended work-in-progress set at Mostly the week afterwards) but the only sticking point is the material I think shows my strongest suit involves projection, which I’m less likely to be able to use at these gigs. The dates will still be useful, as there’s always stuff I can work up, but I don’t like not performing at my best - and while I’ve definitely got better at telling straight stand-up stories, my experience with slideshows from Glyn’s and my live act inevitably makes for punchier content; I instantly feel more comfortable and in control with my remote in one hand and an amusing or relevant picture projected behind me (who doesn't?).

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter, as I’ll obviously be able to use a projector for my Bath and Brighton warm-up dates and for my Edinburgh run - but the point of doing all of these shorter spots is to get my new material tight, so it’s frustrating that I won’t be able to use them for the better, more visual stuff.

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