Tuesday, 14 March 2017

All Change.

Unfortunately, my plan for a quiet evening tweeting along to tonight’s Monkman-filled episode of University Challenge was scuppered when an act booked for a forthcoming Mostly got in touch to say their availability has changed and they could no longer do the planned date.

Thankfully, disaster was averted, as both the venue and line-up were free the day before. This was a relief, as the event is already nearly sold out, so the closer we can stay to the original date, the less likely it will be an inconvenience to everyone who’s booked. It’s still frustrating as - while it’s no-one’s fault - there’s a lot of faff ahead, as every ticket-holder has to be informed, with plenty of potential for people to miss these emails and not clock the change in date. Thankfully we don’t have to deal with this directly as the ticketing company handles all correspondence, but it’s still a pain when something you thought was sorted goes back to the drawing board.

Outside of this, today was a good day, with me striking a good balance between admin and writing. I dedicated the morning to the former, going to Caffé Nero to send a few emails relating to PR and flyerers for Edinburgh, before going to the office to work on a little stand-up. The main problem I’m having with the latter is knowing which blogposts to begin with as, with no-one to turn to for guidance or advice, I keep jumping from one to another, not knowing which willl work best; if only I had an editor to decide this for me.

I even managed to fit in a much-needed haircut, which was good, though it did leave me in a quandary as if it was cut too short, it would make my favourite bit of new material no longer work. People in the real world don’t have these kind of problems; oh, how the other half live.

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