Tuesday, 22 August 2017

'University Challenged 2017/18: Volume Five (21.08.17)'

After a couple of weeks of gentle, less attention-grabbing characters, it was nice to see a few choice classics crop up on tonight’s University Challenge.

Firstly, we had the most likely contender for a mass murderer of the series thus far. Then there was the inevitable man-child, whose face has yet to be graced with such a thing as a five o’clock shadow. We also had the smug, yet maladjusted loner who might possibly get in league with the aforementioned murderer if not kept apart by another stock character: the Victorian gent; what makes it worse is, the four people I’ve mentioned were all in the same team (see if you can work out which).

See below for tonight’s UC tweets from me:

York Vs. Warwick (21.08.17)

8:02PM: de Sousa hasn't been born yet.

8:04PM: Bindler: MURDERER.

8:05PM: Salter is the lovechild of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and James May.

8:07PM: Bindler wouldn't let you search his lock-up without a warrant.

8:08PM: Maier's "I've fucked up" face.

8:11PM: Longworth owns a Penny-farthing.

8:13PM: Bindler arrives at your flat at twenty past midnight, sweating, covered in blood, demanding you act as his alibi.

8:13PM: Maier, son of Angelos Epithemiou.

8:15PM: Longworth owns a fob-watch.

8:15PM: Maier's celebration face-and-stance. Pleasant.

8:18PM: You wouldn't usually see York's contestants in the same room, let alone the same team.

8:22PM: Keep it on the down-low, but I think Warwick will win.

8:24PM: Maier has a slight air of a young Brian Wilson about the face.

8:25PM: I'll show you my 'lady chapel'.

8:27PM: Salter's a crested tit.

8:28PM: Maier's tache isn't a tache.

8:29PM: Did Maier just do a sarcastic salute? Maier just did a sarcastic salute.

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