Wednesday, 30 August 2017


I hadn’t realised how exhausted I feel post-Edinburgh until it hit me today.

Thankfully I haven’t got much on for the rest of the week, but I’m still in a strange halfway house between deciding what to do next and needing a break. So much of the past year has been dictated by preparing for Edinburgh, and now I’m beyond it, it’s hard to know what’s the best move to take, though I think I’m entitled to a few days to recover as I currently look and feel like a poor imitation of myself.

I haven’t completely rested on my laurels, and have already booked a couple of dates at Leicester Square Theatre in October to try to capitalise on my show while it’s still firmly in my head. I’m sure it will be the usual battle to get punters and industry in, but I intend to do my best, particularly as I’d like new representation that reflects me properly.

Outside of confirming October’s London dates, I’ve been keeping a low profile today. I popped to my friend’s flat who I’m currently cat-sitting for - getting covered in fur in the process - and unpacked my luggage and did a little housework. I also sent a couple of emails to try and confirm a few more acts for our Autumn Mostly Comedy line-ups as we currently only have September’s announced, though it’s already sold out, so we needn’t panic. This afternoon will be spent watching a couple of episodes of Peep Show and reading Private Eye; after a month of walking up and down Edinburgh’s many hills and stone staircases, I think I’m entitled to this; forgive me while I set my brain to out-of-office, metaphorically speaking.

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