Thursday, 31 August 2017

Worn Out.

I’m currently feeling that inevitable lack of a sense of purpose that comes with finishing a big thing and not quite knowing what to next.

I know I shouldn’t dwell on this for too long, as it’s probably tiredness that’s feeding it more than anything, and I’m entitled to a break, but I’m never very comfortable with stopping what I’m doing for long; I’ve been so busy for the last month particularly that it’s bound to feel weird to suddenly not be performing every day or focusing my attention so heavily on the mechanics of my show, but there’s still the slight feeling of anticlimax; it’s not like I was expecting anything big to come from Edinburgh, but I would still like things to step up a gear following it; I just need the right kind of person to represent me and steer me in a positive direction.

Today wasn’t particularly work-heavy regardless, as it was mostly taken up with cat-sitting for my neighbour, though I was pleased to see my two Leicester Square Theatre dates go on sale. I’m hoping to get a few people in for them so I can draw a line nicely under the new show in a good way. I’d also like to get a few industry people in, but we shall see; at least there’s plenty of notice for it. But now, I must go to bed as I’m falling sleep, and I’m so tired I just typed the password for my email as part of this document for no reason and had to delete it; this is what happens when you overwork.

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