Friday, 18 August 2017

Always Nice to See Him.

My day’s been floored after reading Sir Bruce Forsyth has passed away.

The man was a legend; a word that’s bandied about too often and too easily in many instances, but not in this case. He came from a stock that has long since departed: the all-rounder who could act, sing, dance, play piano, do comedy, host shows, do anything. He even managed to mock contestants on his game shows in a way that didn’t make you like him any less, which was a talent in itself; I would have paid good money to be on the receiving end of a put-down from Bruce.

When I interviewed Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee with Glyn for our More Than Mostly Comedy podcast, we mentioned Paul’s stint on Strictly and our mutual love of Sir Bruce; unsurprisingly they were both in complete agreement. They spoke with awe of the extensive audience warm-ups he’d do before each show and Paul called him "The Master"; high praise from a man who was pretty exceptional himself.

I went to see Bruce's one man show at the Albert Hall a few years ago, and was genuinely emotional when he walked on stage. Not only was it a delight to see him perform, it was an entertainment master-class; he held the audience spellbound for two hours, displaying energy and vitality that would floor many half his age.

Towards the end he performed a song about friends departed - and whilst he sang, photographs of him alongside many a legendary entertainer flashed up on the big screen. Nat King Cole, Tommy Cooper, Morecambe & Wise, Les Dawson, Ronnie Barker, The Goons...the list went on.

They were all his contemporaries and they are all no longer with us. Now we’ve lost him too. There will never be another like him; he absolutely did do well.


  1. Hi David, Came on Friday to see you, my wife and I made up the six watching, thanks for the Snicker by the way. Really impressed with your act, liked the observational stuff, typeface comments, Noel Edmonds. Went to see someone who had probably five times the audience you did and my toes were curling all the way through a very long hour, keep trying, you've got something, please persevere I am sure you will get the break you deserve. Hope you complete the Fringe and come away with something positive. Hope to see you next year. Regards Lakesman

  2. Hi Lakesman,

    Thanks for your kind words, which were perfectly timed, coming towards the end of a long day and towards the end of my Fringe run. I'm really glad you liked it - and that at least one of Friday's three Snickers went to a good home.

    It's very good of you to take the trouble to let me know that you enjoyed it; one of the hardest aspects of doing the Fringe on your own is staying positive when you're working so relentlessly and get very little feedback outside of the audience's reaction in the room during the show (and when the smaller crowds are often intimidated into silence) - so it's great to know you appreciated it and really got on board.

    Thanks again for thee encouragement. I'm sure I'll be back next year; should you be about too it would be great to have you and your wife along; just give me a shout via the blog if you do and I'll happily sort some comps.

    Have a good summer. All the best, David.

    I have to say I've