Tuesday, 29 August 2017

'GBBO 2017 Volume one'.(29.08.170

Today, I came hurtling back down soutb, arriving with just enough time to catch the first episode of the news series of The Great British Bake-Off.

Firstly, we had to contend with the fact it was on a different channel, although we'e had plenty of advance warning of this in the meida; then there was the fact only £33% of the shows original presenters were even going to be present, which is a huge change to contend with.although I'm pleased to report there was no need to be concerned as it all worked perfectly - though I have to admit, were concerned I might fall asleep during it, what wite the epic day I've had.

I also tweeted along to tonight's programme; here's what I said:
8:40PM: One good thing about #GBBO switching to Channel Four is the advert breaks will provide ample opportunity to go out and buy cake.

8:07PM: Running your fingers through Paul Hollywood's hair would cut them to shreds (speaks a man who knows)

8:10PM: Apple and Cinnamon cake; now you're speaking my language.

8:11PM: I wish, like Kate, I had an anvil in my shed. And a shed in my garden. And a garden.

8:24PM: I'd happily devour some of that Bonfire Night Cake.

8:32PM: Noel, Sandi and Chris are having a large-print / small-print clothing face-off.

8:34PM: Why didn't at least one contestant make their chocolate mini-rolls into a Dougal cake?

8:40PM: So far, the only name I've learnt is Yan.

8:53PM: Already suffering my first #GBBO anxiety attack of the series.

8:45PM: "Every Sunday, I try to have pancakes..." But do you succeed?

8:45PM: For my illusion cake, I'd bake a Zig-Zag Lady.
For my illusion cake, I'd bake a Zig-Zag Lady.

9:02PM: ...it still looks like a cock though.

9:12PM: ...but we'll never get to see Peter's tache grow through.

9:13PM: Next time: Flo gets the right size false teeth.

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