Wednesday, 9 August 2017


I’m getting to the point now Fringe-wise where I could do with a little break.

Today’s show was good, though the reaction was a little early morning-ish compared to the last few days, which isn’t surprising considering it starts at midday and we're only midweek. It’s easy for me to forget my show is almost certainly the first one people will have seen that day and their heads may not have adjusted to watching stand-up yet. How often do you watch shows at noon in normal life? The earliest you’re most likely to see is a mid-afternoon matinee, and the reaction to those is often pretty flat; I’ve always advised people against coming to see matinees of productions I’ve been in in the past.

It was a shame today was a little quiet as I had my PR in, and you always want people you know to see your show at its best; that said, I’m being hypercritical as it was still a good one; it’s probably just my tiredness speaking.

What’s great is my wife comes up tomorrow for a few days, which will give me a boost. While it’s nice to have my digs to myself, it can get a little lonely; it’s always good to have the positive influence of someone who's with you who's on your side. As I said yesterday, I'm enjoying myself, but tiredness is starting to creep in, so it will be great to do a few touristy and Fringy things with her to clear out my mind a bit; for example, I’m getting bored of going for meals on my own.

This afternoon, I popped into a printing shop near to my digs to get some slips printed about my recent mention in the Daily Telegraph to stick on my flyers in an attempt to generate more interest; sadly, punters are often influenced by this sort of thing, and when you start to get lost in a sea of four- and five-star reviews, it’s nice to have something to help you stand out bit. I haven’t been reviewed yet, so I might as well use what I do have to ease things along. I may also order more flyers from there to replace the ones I had stolen if my stocks run low; they may not be the cheapest option, but they’re the nearest, and I’d much rather carry from a shop that's practically in the same postcode as my venue than have them delivered from somewhere else and risk them going back to the depot if I miss the call or wind up getting lost; I've had enough bad luck with this already for me to tempt fate.

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