Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Are You Taping This?

I like my packs of electrical tape to include a heart-warming family scene.

What’s more likely to bring mother, father and child together than the task of insulating electric cables? It’s a skill that’s been passed from generation to generation, stretching back to when we first harnessed the colossal power of…well...”power.”

Maybe the picture is intended as a metaphor for the physical bond the tape can bring, which like a strong family unit, will never be wrenched apart. Or perhaps I'm over-thinking it; I certainly have previous form in this department.

Today’s been a long day, which is probably why I’ve spent the first few paragraphs of this post talking about LX tape. The show was a little frustrating, in that I couldn’t seem to get the room to relax to the point that they felt able to laugh out loud. It wasn’t that they weren’t enjoying it, but it felt like they were either a little self-conscious due to the relatively low numbers, or perhaps it all felt a little too much for the time of day. I’ve got so used to performing the show at midday - which I also did last year too - that I sometimes forget the audience haven't necessarily adjusted to the idea of watching stand-up yet, even when knowing what they’re coming to see; when there's a small crowd, it’s often luck of the draw as to whether they’ll be thrown by this, which can be compounded by the early start.

In reality, I may be being too hard on myself, or even on the audience. I’ve definitely reached the point now where tiredness is creeping in, and while I’m still managing to give the show as much energy as I can, my mood outside of the show has dropped a bit, purely due to exhaustion at the relentlessness of it all. All the more reason to not spent too long writing now, as that time would probably be better spent getting an early night.

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