Sunday, 27 August 2017


Well, that’s my final 2017 Edinburgh show over with; stick a fork in me: I’m done.

I'd hoped the last gig would be a busy one, but ended up only having three people in, which was strange as eight had booked in advance, and one person in the audience (the splendid comic Daniel Cook) was a walk-in, so six punters were missing in action; perhaps they were enticed into a different show instead? Either way, I’ve got their money.

Despite the low numbers, it ended up being one of the most fun shows of the run, and a suitable way to draw things to a close. It helped that Dan's a big laugher, but the other two were great too. I was particularly pleased they were all firmly on-board with the ‘comparing my career to Sam Palladio’s’ through-line, as the reaction had been a bit muted for this for the last few gigs; prior to this, Sam’s secret video cameo at the end of the show would usually get big laughs, which always pleased me, as he’s very funny in it.

After I’d finished, I stayed in the room to watch Dan’s show, which was truly electric. He had a couple of difficult people in who he dealt with perfectly, and while he was frustrated to not get as much of the intended show out, it was still great.

Now, all that remains is for me to finish tidying the flat tomorrow and pick up my replacement train ticket for the journey home (which I managed to finally sort this afternoon) and then drop my equipment off at the Parcelforce depot on Tuesday morning and catch the train back; while I’ve had a good time up here this year, I’m pleased it’s over. See below for my run neatly summarised into twenty-one handy bullet points; read them carefully as you will be tested on it.

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