Wednesday, 2 November 2016

You Haven't Been Watching.

It’s hard to find the drive to commit to seeing a run through to the end when you’re rehearsing a solo show alone for your own benefit.

I’ve made a point of going over my Edinburgh show once a day for the past two days to keep it in mind for the dates I’m doing later on this month - and while today’s run felt a lot better than yesterday’s, it’s very easy to go off the boil when you’re talking to no-one for an hour.

Not only is it tempting to stop when you’re doing it, you can also start to lose faith in the content. Again, today’s rehearsal felt a lot less like this than yesterday’s, as I made a point of taking my time with the material so I could connect with it, but even when doing this, the lack of feedback can make the whole thing seem desperately unfunny if you let it.

I guess the key is not overthink and / or over-rehearse it; to do just enough to make sure you still know it, without getting bored with it. I’m on holiday next week, so that should help create a little distance. I just hope enough people come to the gigs for me to have something to spark of of; I like a sentence that ends with the same word twice twice.

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