Saturday, 26 November 2016

Friday Night Fun.

There’s no more exciting way to spend a Friday evening than sitting up, waiting for the tumble-dryer to finish drying your towels.

At least I’m using the time wisely by writing as I wait, though I can’t see this making for a hugely exciting blog post; if anything, I might have peaked with the first sentence.

Today's been reasonably productive. I did a run of my show in the afternoon, which I was happy with. I did it at home rather than in the office, which was nice, as I often feel a bit self-conscious talking to myself in a tiny room in a shared office building, when people from the other companies walk past. At least at home, I didn't have to be quiet, plus I had my cat as an audience, though she was largely indifferent to the whole thing; everyone’s a critic.

I hope some people come to see it. I feel like I’m promoting it relentlessly, probably to chagrin of everyone around me. Sadly, it’s a necessary evil when you don’t have PR behind you. I’ve taken to posting the odd advert on Facebook, which seems to rouse attention, but whether that will equate to sales remains to be seen. Being a self-employed performer is an expensive business. Still…at least I’ve got dry towels; you can’t say fairer than that.

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