Wednesday, 9 November 2016


On a day like today, with political developments as they were, I was very grateful to start my morning in a forest, catching a barn owl as part of a bird demonstration.

We took part in Center Parcs’ Encounter with Owls activity last year too and had such a lovely time we had to do it again. With affairs taking the depressing turn they did today, the diversion couldn’t have been better timed. I barely slept last night what with worrying about the election; checking the news intermittently to catch wind of the way things were shaping up. When they turned out as badly as they did, doing something as simple as getting back to nature was the perfect short-term antidote; I may even go feral in protest.

I won’t harp on any more about that now as we’ve all read more than enough on the subject. Instead, I’ll share a slow motion video of an owl and me. The owl's name was Marmite, but there was no love-hate going on here. I just wish I could be as graceful at that rate of frames per second.

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