Thursday, 10 November 2016

Off Duty.

Tomorrow see the end of my holiday and if I’m honest, I don’t want to go home yet.

There’s something peaceful and comforting about waking up in the morning and looking out of the bedroom window to be surrounded by trees. That’s unless you fell sleep in a treeless environment, when this would just be unnerving. The rural atmosphere has aided my meditation by giving it a calming backdrop; before you know it, I'll be so 'back to nature' I’ll be wearing pants made from leaves.

Today, we embraced Center Parcs activity-driven manifesto by doing a spot of ten-pin bowling, playing pool and having a round of Adventure Golf (the word ‘Crazy’ being dropped in the interest of being PC). I haven’t got around to running my show but then I did do it yesterday; as long as I do it on a day-on day-off basis, it should be okay. I did do a twenty-five-ish day straight run in Edinburgh in August, so it’s not as if it's unfamiliar; if anything, a little time away from it has been refreshing.

I’m going to have a quiet night in tonight involving food, wine and a log fire. My evening starts now, so this is me signing off.

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