Tuesday, 29 November 2016

In My Room.

Tonight’s Leicester Square Theatre show was pleasingly busy compared to the last date, yet somehow, it didn’t quite settle into the rhythm I wanted.

It’s funny how different a room and a gig can be, dependent on how comfortable the audience is with the situation they’re faced with. You can have approximately the same number of people in from one day to the next, and yet that same amount can feel either exposed or relaxed, as according to how 'busy' they perceive the room to be. Tonight, it seemed they thought they were in a small audience - in little pockets here and there around the room - and didn’t feel relaxed enough to laugh, yet last time, a room of less people seemed more at ease.

On the whole though, it wasn’t bad; I’m being hugely self-critical. There were a few people in tonight who hadn’t seen me do solo stand-up before that I wanted to see me in the best possible light. As it was, it sort of wavered in and out; it never quite hit the height I wanted to, yet every so often, it would edge towards it.

There were a couple of flies in the ointment anyway; for one, a slippery bathroom tiled floor had been put in for one of the shows running over Christmas that meant I had to keep stopping myself from losing my footing; this isn’t the sort of setback you can expect or account for. If I’m honest, I’m not framing it very positively; I did enjoy tonight, I just wanted it to have more impact. Still, if nothing else, at least the signage outside the venue was informal:

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