Thursday, 25 August 2016

I'm so Tired.

In many ways, today was one of my best days for taking in the Edinburgh Fringe experience thus far.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m tired beyond belief, and start each day in a brain-fugged state, barely able to work up any energy, until my show kicks off and Doctor Theatre steps in to give me the drive I need to see me through to the end. As it stands, I’ve hit a bit of a purple patch with my shows, having enjoyed all of them for the best part of a week. Something seems to have kicked into gear; whatever it is, I hope it sticks around until Sunday, when my run draws to a close; I’ve started to rely on it.

At lot of this comes down to being relaxed on stage. It’s so easy to be thrown by what’s around you, and end up not being present or on form. There was something Fraser said this morning when we were discussing our last few shows left. I mentioned how having a good show often gives me a sense of foreboding about the next, to which he said, ‘I’ve decided to make it impossible for me to have a bad one"; y'know, sir, that kind of psychology may be right. 

Today’s audience was small, but very responsive. Hopefully they enjoyed it; they were certainly vocal. After that, Stephen and I had to drink in the Just the Tonic bar, before dashing off to see Sam Fletcher’s show, before I dashed on to do a spot at The Cult of Comedy Presents..'. I didnt have the best gig, purely down to tiredness. 

My friend Steve and I ended the day by doing a circuit around Grassmarket, the Royal Mile, Princes Street, Princes Street Gardens, the castle and back to Grassmarket, taking the striking beauty of the city in. It's very easy to forget just how extraordinary Edinburgh is, when you're so engrossed in the Festival; there's nowhere like it. 

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