Thursday, 4 August 2016

Epic Edinburgh Day.

There's nothing like seeing your name on one of those big 'What's on' banners outside a venue to make you realise you're doing a solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

(I should clarify that I already knew I was doing one before I saw this.)

I've just come back from a quick once-around at Just the Tonic's launch party, knowing I wouldn't stay for long, what with my early start for my first show tomorrow. Even though I'd been at the venue earlier this afternoon for my tech, they hadn't put the itinerary banner up at this point, so it was a welcome surprise when I went back. I took a moment to savour it as I looked it up there, to let the positive prospect of seeing it sink in. 

While i've had my name chalked on a variety of blackboards on the Free Fringe in Edinburgh, London, Brighton and the like, this is the first time I've been printed on a banner at a paid venue like this. Mine and Glyn's first Edinburgh show - the 2008 comedy play The Balloon Debate - had its title emblazoned on the Gilded Balloon's what's on board, but it didn't have our names on it. It may only be a small thing to have it on display, but it's still symbolic of how far I've come. It's still a step on the first rung of the comedy ladder (clunky metaphor) but it's a step nevertheless; it's funny how these small things can make a difference to your mindset. 

Today's been a long day. It started with me being woken up by a man from Parcelforce (by doorbell, not in person) delivering my electrical-impliment-filled suitcase, closely followed by another chap from UPS, dropping off my new projector screen. No sooner had I got my gear together than I went out to meet my team of flyerers for this year's show; I like to think of them as David's Army. 

We met at City Café, just off the Royal Mile, where I told them a bit about myself and explained what I'd like them to do. They were all very nice and seemingly up for it, which was good, as it gives me a little confidence to hand that aspect of promoting my show over (i have to when it starts so early), knowing that someone's doing it. I arranged for them to see my first Edinburgh preview tomorrow, so they can get an idea of the content; hopefully after that they won't run for the hills (which in Edinburgh, are many.)

After our meeting, I went to get some shopping, then returned to the digs; realising I had to turn around and go out again soon after, in time for my tech from 5-6pm. I walked my gear over to the venue in two lots, where I met my techie for the first time (the comic Fraser Millward). While our set-up was pretty straightforward, the sound wasn't great. The channel which DIs the computer to the desk would barely work at all, and the mics weren't get. Thankfully, I'm first in tomorrow, so I'm going to go down a little earlier so I can have a fiddle with the tech. I hope it doesn't fall apart completely, as it's integral to my set. Fingers crossed!

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