Monday, 1 August 2016

'University Challenged 2016/17 Volume Four (01.08.16)'

Another week goes by and here we are again, ready for another Twitter’s-eye-view of University Challenge; this week’s episode was a Cambridge Vs. Cambridge showdown; what a bunch of punts.

See below for my childish moment by moment commentary of tonight’s show; I apologise if I cause any offence. 

Queens' Cambridge Vs. Peterhouse Cambridge (01.08.16)

8:03pm: Jeremy Paxman's still rocking the look of a weary old woman.

8:05pm: Swentenham: hair like a young Aled Jones.

8:07pm: Syvret has committed a massive, sickening crime that's yet to be discovered.

8:08pm: I'd appropriately like to hold an enquiry into whether Levinson's real.

8:10pm: Paxman even feels disdain for the question cards in his hand.

8:13pm: Adamson has the shiftiness of a man who killed the fourth of Queens' chosen contestants and taken his place.

8:15pm: Sweetenham's hair is softer than the softest hair you could ever imagine, yet it's even softer.

8:17pm: Levinson is a Rolfaroo made flesh.

8:18pm: Don't smile when you get a question right, Adamson. DON'T SMILE.

8:20pm: Venturini started life in a questionable scientist's laboratory.

8:21pm: Lin likes his primary colours. Of that, there's no doubt

8:23pm: Levinson likes making cheeky little sounds around words.

8:28pm: Syvret brought Venturini to life in the depths of Queens' & regrets committing such a shocking atrocity to science.

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