Friday, 5 August 2016

Under Starter's Orders.

Let off a flare; my Edinburgh Fringe run has begun. 

I enjoyed my first show. Despite being dogged by technical issues right up until five minutes before curtain up - THERE ARE NO CURTAINS - the performance itself was tech glitch-free. I had a small crowd in (my use of the word 'crowd' is perhaps slightly ambitious), but they were nice, and stuck with me right through to the end, which is always a bonus. 

In the audience today were my lovely flyering team, who seemed to enjoy it. It would have been awkward if they didn't, as you don't want a gang of people in your employ, telling your potential audience that they'd be best-served to give it a miss; I'll leave that job to the people promoting other comedians' shows, of which I imagine there are quite a few. 

After the show, I popped to a greasy spoon with my PR Milla, for a late breakfast and a debrief. We were stuck for ideas for where to eat until I suggested The City Café, where I'd met my flyerers yesterday. There followed a brief moment of confusion, with Milla thinking it was in one direction and me thinking it was another, until it dawned on me that she meant café next to the Festival Theatre. On arriving there, the reason for our crossed purposes suddenly became apparent: the café next to the theatre is called The City Restaurant; how many Citily-named places does one city need?
Outside the City Restaurant: a crutch and postbox motif.
The rest of my day was concerned with buying toiletries, emailing for gigs, washing clothes and eating pasta; that's a jam-packed itinerary if ever I've seen one. I considered going out tonight, but decided against it; I'd sooner take it easy and keep a low profile until my show's settled in. After that, I'll be as gregarious as I can be....which is pretty bloody gregarious. 

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