Saturday, 20 August 2016

Battling Bacteria.

Despite starting both with next-to-no voice, my last two shows have been most fun of the run so far.

I was discussing it with Fraser after today’s show, and how being ill can give you extra fire, when he pointed out how it does something strange to your nerves, particularly at the Fringe; you adopt a ‘let’s just get through this’ attitude, and your buckling down and concentrating on working around how you fell makes you forget your usual pre-show anxiety.

It helps that the last two gigs were on a Friday and a Saturday, which definitely boost numbers (even at midday). They were probably the busiest up to now, with people who were attuned to what I’m aiming at, instead of being confused. I’ve also been working harder to get past the tiredness, the mucus and the phlegm (pleasant), becoming more playful in the process. I’ve been ad-libbing more than usual, with sharper results. There are moments when I even feel like an actual comedian; STOP PRESS.

Yesterday, my longest-term friend – thirty years and counting – Chris came down from Glasgow, where he’s recently moved, to watch the show and stay the night. It was great to sense his presence in the venue during the gig and to be able to catch up. We talked until 3am (not the best move when I have an early start), which was a welcome break (not the service station) from the isolation of the run. I hope to visit him in his new home soon. I’m glad that he’s  loving living in Scotland. I can see the appeal, as long as no-one expected me to a show every day I for the rest of my life; while I’m enjoying my first solo Edinburgh run, there are limits.

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