Monday, 29 August 2016

'University Challenged 2016/17: Volume Seven (29.08.16)'

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”. So says Thumper in Bambi. While this may be sage advice from a rabbit, it isn’t necessarily the case when tweeting along to BBC2's University Challenge.

This week’s show saw a battle between the two university Goliaths: Cambridge (Robinson) and Oxford (Wadham). While the former won the game, the latter came first when it came to amusing hair and eyebrow combinations, thanks to the follicular work of Holmes and Lucas. In fact, it seems I was obsessed with hair in general when tweeting about this week's programme, as the following posts attest. I may be big, but I’m not clever; clearly, or I’d be competing myself (though I’m not sure if my drama school diploma in Acting & Musical Theatre would class as a university qualification).

Robinson - Cambridge Vs. Wadham - Oxford (29.08.16)

8:02pm: Anyone who says 'reading' instead of 'studying' needs a swift punch up the bracket.

8:03pm: Holmes' hair: only on #University Challenge

8:04pm: Holmes' hair reads from left to right.

8:05pm: Lucas' eyebrows are made of fuzzy felt.

8:05pm: Holmes is waiting for his student loan to come through before finishing his haircut.

8:07pm: I want Paxman saying "a popular term for the buttocks" as my text tone.

8:09pm: Paxman's hairstyle tribute to Wendy Craig is nearly complete.

8:09pm: Hodge is f**king furious.

8:11pm: No-one has ever said Kafka so angrily.

8:15pm: The texture of Pinder's hair is reminiscent of a badger's pelt.

8:18pm: Holmes ran out of change to put in the meter, mid-electric-razor-haircut.

8:19pm: Paxman: "Ferkin'".

8:20pm: Think of the banter in the green room.

8:24pm: Hodge keeps falling asleep.

8:26pm: There's no-one more comfortable in their own skin than Verghese on the planet.

8:28pm: Verghese has the look of a man who favours elbow patches.

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