Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Deep Heat.

Today's show felt a bit like giving everyone a window into my madness. 

It was a fun one, if a little unhinged. It didn't help that I sweated more than a healthy man should ever have need to sweat. I was like a mix between the Mary Rose and a water feature (both being analogies I made reference to during the gig). My cold didn't help, as it forced me to work harder, and made me out of breath. If nothing else, I felt healthier afterwards having perspired most of my illness from my system; probably at the expense of my audience, who probably picked my cold up by the time the show was out. 

What was lovely about today's gig was I had a couple of comedian friends in, who were clearly on-side. You always feel pressured in these instances, but their laughter put me at ease, even if I knew the amount of water dripping from me made me look like a Gollum gone to seed. 

The rest of the day was spent with Glyn, filling him in on the various highs and lows of the run to date. It's nice to have him here as it gives me more reason to relax, and a sense of reality which can be lost when you're in the Fringe bubble. In a few days this will burst and I'll be free, having learnt a lot in the process. I feel stronger as a result of the last few weeks, despite my tiredness, with the good bits having outweighed the bad by far. It's been intense, but it's been worth it. I won't miss performing at midday though; I've always been funnier after lunch. 

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