Thursday, 19 May 2016

Quadrant #3

Well, tonight was exciting, though it could have been tragic. 

That may be slightly melodramatic. Nobody died; just my computer, for a bit. I arrived at my venue in Brighton in good time and switched on my Mac, before setting to work at sorting out the sound set-up. I then returned to my laptop to plug it into the projector and the sound desk, to discover an ominous flashing question mark in place of the usual start-up screen. This suggested one of two things: either The Riddler was present, or my computer was buggered. 

Glyn arrived a moment later - he'd come down to assist me, in place of Steve, who wasn't available (not that I wouldn't ask Glyn first) - and together we started to frantically Google in hope of some technological advice. After holding down various keys to no avail, we searched for the nearest Mac Store...and lo and behold, it was just minutes down the road. I rushed to the nearby shopping centre with my Mac under one arm and my wallet poised for imminent damage. 

The people at the Apple Store were fucking brilliant. I'm happy to go on record to that effect, though no-one in their right mind would want to print it. I explained the situation, and how I was supposed to be starting a show in just over an hour, to which they were remarkably accommodating, despite the lack of Genius Bar appointments available; I'll even forgive them for that wanky name

Spin forward to around 5:30pm and I had a call from the Store to say they'd managed to replace the offending lead inside that Mac which had lost connection with the hard drive. The job they did was brilliant and went above and beyond the call of duty; I may even write them in my will. 

As for the show, it was a little frenetic. The audience were quiet but enjoying it. They laughed so quietly as not afford me time to take a sip of water; why can't they cooperate, damn it? All and all it was enjoyable if a little manic. I felt like I was having a breakdown in the corner at their expense. There were laughs but I think the audience felt intimidated by their closeness. Oh well, I wonder what won't work tomorrow? I'll work on the assumption that nothing wiill. I'm willing to put money on it being the legs. Actually, I hope not. 

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