Tuesday, 31 May 2016

In Summary.

...and so another month passes. 

I can't believe it's nearly June. Where does the time go (and all those other such things that old people say)?

May's a key month for me, as both my wife's and my birthday fall within it. It's also when the Brighton Festival takes place, which I usually rock up to; either on my own or with Glyn. It's a month I'm very aware of and never expect to actually be, in the same way a child might think Christmas won't come around. 

I should go to bed, but my cat's sleeping on my lap as I write. She's been a little edgy all day, so I'm loath to move her, now she's finally settled down. She often brings me comfort, so I like to give her comfort too. Having said that, she just yawned and leapt off me in the direction of the kitchen; so much for comfort: she just wants food. 

I should go to bed before it gets late. So long May 2016; you were fair-to-middling. Let's make June a little better, yeah?

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