Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Bank Holiday Aftermath.

I decided not to go to tonight's meditation class so I could free up some time to work on my show, but ended up using it to complete an email-based interview for an online listing site, which should help promote it. I'm glad I got it done quickly (I only received the questions today); it's good to strike while the iron's hot, plus I can start tomorrow on a fresh slate, rather than having to concern myself with admin. 

Today's been busy, taking in a meeting to discuss a possible extra venue for Mostly Comedy to take on in the New Year - more details to follow - and a spot of dog-walking for my mum with my wife, and a visit to Kwik Fit to have a tire changed (on my wife's car; not on me). I've also managed to squeeze in good forty minutes plus of meditation, which has been invaluable for settling my mind in the midst of all the show-looming freneticism. Seeing my mum's dog helped too, as he's a good antidote to stress. I'm fully aware that today's blog post is a little basic, but as with yesterday, I'd sooner keep it brief, so I can be fresher for my show prep. The reader's loss will be the audience-member's gain. My apostrophe use is correct, as I'm not expecting a big crowd; I know my place on the comedy food chain. 

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