Saturday, 28 May 2016

Fully Booked.

The past couple of evenings I've walked to my local pub, to sit outdoors with my book and a ginger beer, and take a moment to destress. 

It actually felt like something of a luxury. While I love reading, and tend to always have a book on the go, I'd been going through a faze with my current one, where I'd always start it when I was too tired to take it in; giving in after a couple of pages. 

I'm not always like this. I'll occasionally devour a book in a few quick sittings, but this hasn't been of the case of late, due to my Brighton show prep. Every day, I'd do my best to be brave and tackle it, but I was too sleepy to compute the details. It wasn't grabbing me, as I'd never give it time to draw me in. 

Taking it to the pub garden yesterday in the early evening made the world difference. It suddenly went from a string of seemingly unrelated words to a narrative. Conversely, it also helped my brain to switch off, as I had a story to invest in. 

I wish I had a garden of my own. It's nice just to have a change of scenery. It's also good to not be thinking about my show for a bit. There's only so much time you can spend on stuff like that before you need a break. I'll also go back to it with fresh ears, which will be a (Brucie) bonus.

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