Sunday, 22 May 2016

IYIE #26

This afternoon, for the first time in the best part of a month, we recorded a new episode of 'Doggett & Ephgrave: In Your Inner Ear'. 

It was nice to do a show after a surprisingly long hiatus. The topic for the evening was 'Heroes', which kindly holds the door open for next week's theme, which will be 'Villains". It's nice to be a few steps ahead for once, if only for a couple of days. 

I'm having real trouble concentrating on writing my blog at the moment. I keep starting something late in the day, then trying to stave off sleep as I write it. This is no exaggeration: I literally nodded off during yesterday's post, which is why it made little sense this morning. Today is little better. I've just been overdoing it. Consequently, I could have done without the radio show today, so I could have more time to rest and recuperate. I keep nearly going under during this blog, so I'll keep it briefs (as with Gary Lineker / Leicester / Match of the Day).

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