Monday, 30 May 2016

In Someone - Anyone's - Inner Ear.

Last night's episode of In Your Inner Ear was one of our best, in my opinion, but did anyone hear it?

It helped that we'd recorded a programme a couple of days previously, so we were sufficiently warmed up. We'd made a conscious decision to take our time and be clearer with our delivery, which was an improvement. It's fair to say that twenty-seven episodes in - an impressive feat in and of itself - we've found our groove, resulting in a show that's fun to listen to and fun to do; I just can't help but feel the energy's a little wasted if only a few people tune in.

We have a history of taking on projects with little direct gain. That doesn't mean these things weren't worth doing - we're always learning - but I think we are far better at what we do than our slow-burning career as a double act attests. 

Most of this is due to lack of time and focused effort; if we'd concentrated on one thing, rather than entrepreneurising (is that a word?), we might be more established than we are today. Okay, Mostly Comedy may be successful, but we seem to have somehow sunk into to the background of our own event and become unnoticed (though it couldn't happen without us).  

In Your Inner Ear is different, as it's the one thing we do at the moment that's all about us. We're not hiding behind the big acts we're introducing (like with Mostly Comedy) or interviewing (as with the More Than Mostly Comedy Podcast); we're being funny on our own two (four) feet, which was what working together was all about in the first place.

At least we're getting better at doing it. Imagine how tight we'll be in twenty-seven episodes time. It would just be nice to work up a listenership that's bigger than the amount if episodes we've recorded to date.

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