Monday, 2 May 2016

Out and About.

Tonight, I met my friend (and our In Your Inner Ear co-presenter) Steve, for one of our infamous Old Man Pub Crawls. 

The embarrassing thing about our OMPCs these days is the skant amount of alcohol. Steve had two, or possibly three Ginger Grouse, while I had just the one. What's become of us? We used to at least make a vague attempt at insobriety; now, a mix of medication and sensibleness ensure that any versions of the demon drink barely pass our lips; we've fully embraced the 'old man' part of the Old Man Pub Crawl summation. 

While I didn't really feel in the mood to go out tonight, after making the effort, I had a good time. We have a habit of making similar jokes and finishing off each other's ideas, which is an unsurprising byproduct of knowing each other for so long. It like the result of some sort of scientific experiment; we just need another person with a slightly different upbringing to act as the control. 

Our conversation went off on a variety of tangents tonight, taking in Prince, Johnny Cash and Bernie Clifton along the way. At one point, we were discussing the recent Mostly Comedy line-ups, and Mark Morriss' visit, when we both had a collective blank on the name of The Bluetones' debut LP; embarrassingly referring to it as The Peacock Album, like a fowl-based  White Album. I've since remembered it's called Expecting to Fly. The frustrating thing is I know Steve won't stumble across this remembrance, on account of his not 'having' the Internet. That's okay; the passing on of this piece of (largely obvious) trivia can wait. 

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