Monday, 22 January 2018

'University Challenged: Twenty-Four (22.01.18)'

The plus side to my show being cancelled tonight, small as it was, was I was able to watch this evening’s University Challenge.

I’ve only missed one episode in the whole series thus far, yet this didn’t stop me from receiving a couple of messages from people who know I tend to live-tweet it, expressing disappointment in my lack of commentary; perhaps this means I’m providing a service in some way, albeit a useless, frivolous one. Whatever the case may be, it was good to be able to resume my usual duties.

As ever, there was plenty to mock; see below for the mocking I offered up:

Oxford Brookes Vs. Merton - Oxford (22.01.18).

8:33PM: Oxford Brookes sounds like a war poet.

8:33PM: I've got an average age of thirty-six too.

8:34PM: Jeremy Paxman has two pet guinea-pigs called Come On and No.

8:37PM: Thomas looks like a child dressed as an adult...and he looks like he loves it.

8:39PM: Thomas, son of Herr Flick.

8:41PM: Merton Oxford Woodland's wearing the tabard of a cleaning lady.

8:42PM: "I take it Lolita's still out?"

8:43PM: Purcell's hair snaps like brittle twigs.

8:46PM: Tilling's "Oxford's Brookes De Bock" is my favourite exclamation of the evening.

8:48PM: I'm sure Thomas has spent the whole programme looking at the rest of his team while saying nothing.

8:53PM: Thomas progressed from pulling off insects' legs emotionlessly to pulling the legs off a deer.

8:55PM: Paxman shows disdain for disdain itself.

8:56PM: “Oxford Brookes De Bock” has a beat and you can dance to it.

8:59PM: I bet Paxman pronounces 1997 "Nineteen-nine-seven" just to be a pretentious git.

9:00PM: I drove through a hamlet called Merton Peplow once.

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