Thursday, 18 January 2018

A Day in the Life.

Today was one of those ‘chasing your tails’ days, where I kept jumping from one thing to the next.

It started with me meeting Glyn for breakfast, ostensibly to discuss work, but really to catch up more than anything. January's always the worst time of year for us to get together as he concentrates primarily on company-managing the Adult Panto tour, which has more dates this year than ever; it’s due to this that he’ll miss the first Mostly Comedy of 2018 next week.

After that, I headed to the office to chase up a few potential line-ups for the forthcoming season and to order the artwork for my show in Leicester next month, which I edited last night. Once again, I find myself spending more time on admin than anything; I’d hoped to rehearse today, but everything else conspired to get in the way; hopefully tomorrow will be different.

The main job I'd wanted to squeeze into today was getting a few posters and flyers for Phill Jupitus’ tour show (which comes to Mostly Comedy at The Sun on Good Friday) around town. While the gig's already sold out, I still want it to have a presence. Sadly, not everybody seems to understand this; yesterday I dropped some of the posters off at the venue, but unfortunately the member of staff at the desk wasn't particularly au fait with how these things work.
“You want me to put these up when it’s sold out?” she said, laughing like I’d lost my mind (though I don't know why you'd find that funny).
“Well, I thought you might want people to know he’s on here,” I replied, impatiently; after all, if a show sells out at the Gordon Craig, they don’t remove all trace of it from the venue; that’s not how these things work.

Unfortunately, the time I had to put posters out today was tight, as I had to factor in visiting my dad in hospital this afternoon, and picking up a few things for him before I got there. I ended up cutting the flyering short anyway when I bumped into my friend Glen, who’s planning to take his first solo show to Edinburgh this year. I had intended on just saying hello, but we ended up having a long chat about the Fringe and how we might potentially be able to pool our resources this year if we’re both going up, which would be good if we do.

After leaving Glen, I nipped back to the office to pick up my stuff before catching the bus to visit my dad in hospital. With any luck he’ll be coming out by the end of the week, which will be good for his morale, as there’s only so much of being stuck there that anyone can stand; it's bad enough when you're not even the patient.

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