Monday, 18 December 2017

'University Challenged: Week Twenty-One' (18.12.17)

 I’d hate to speak too soon, but I think Parr-Reid has Monkman potential.

I of course know he’ll never quite meet those dizzy heights, but there’s definitely something about him. It’s the sly look he gives the other contestants when they speak, or the emotionless face he wears every time he gets an answer right; it’s like his victory is par-for-the-course, and means nothing in the wider picture (as my tweets below suggest).

Bristol Vs Trinity Oxford 919.222.

8:33PM: To my mind, Roger Tilling is the voice of God.

8:35PM: Hosegood, Hosegood...he's Sam Hosegood.

8:35PM: "Stone 'enge".

8:37PM: Pubey beard, Slicked-back hair, Curly tache. Bowes needs to decide on his look.

8:39PM: Parr-Reid has the shiftiness of a man with a terrible secret.

8:40PM: Parr-Reid has Monkman potential.

8:44PM: Parr-Reid has the air of a Chancellor-era Hitler, secretly planning his dictatorship.

8:48PM: Coker. Nonchalant.

8:52PM: Well, I got Holst.

8:54PM: ...I got Hammer too.

8:56PM: It's Mel Brooks, for Christ's sake.

8:56PM: (And I'm not going to pass comment on Steven Spielberg.)

8:57PM: PAXMAN: "What a coun..." (and CUT).

9:00PM: Parr-Reid didn't care how his team scored, as he'd be MURDERING EVERYONE LATER.

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