Friday, 1 December 2017

Back in the Square.

Tonight’s show at Leicester Square Theatre was fun, if a little rough around the edges.

Setting up, pre-show.
It’s always nice to return to the venue, as it’s one I’m very familiar with, having done various shows there with Glyn and on my own in the past. Over the years they’ve made various little improvements to the space - I’m in the Lounge and not the main house, obviously - so it’s now a better room to play, but I’ve always liked it, really. It also has a projector rigged, which is half the battle won for me.

One thing I’d like to dispense with, if I’m honest, is going straight from overseeing setting up to actually doing the show, with very little time in-between. This isn’t really something you can avoid when you’re only doing a couple of dates here and there, but I long for the day when I have the luxury of turning up solely thinking about the show itself, and not whether the gear will work. Thankfully, I had the splendid Stephen Morgan teching for me, which always helps, and my wife there to assist too, but I still had about ten minutes to get changed, eat, meditate and look through my notes before I was on.

The show itself was enjoyable, though it was never going to be as slick as it was when I was in Edinburgh mid-run. I had a reasonably small turnout, but they were nice, and it rattled along at a bit of a lick. I think tomorrow should be more relaxed now I’ve got one out of the way; Stewart Lee’s in the main house then, and I’m more than happy to play to his overspill; I know my place.

The first and second Noel.

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