Saturday, 2 December 2017

"Strictly Come Tweeting: Week Twelve' (02.12.17)

Tonight’s Musicals edition of Strictly was as eventful as ever, with everyone putting in a star turn as was befitting the occasion.

As I my usual habit, I tweeted along with proceeedings, like the teenager I am; see below for my tweets:

7:10PM: Tonight, Claudia's come dressed as a domino.

7:13PM: Surely, Aljaž needs to do a routine to All That Aljaž.

7:17PM: Live singers (not dead).

7:17PM: "You came down those stairs". That, she did.

7:25PM: There are hairs on my head that are older than AJ.

7:27PM: AJ's quiff is well-rendered.

7:30PM: Tess Daly is reminiscent of Monty Python's Dead Parrot: nothing behind the eyes, yet with a tendency to repeat EVERYTHING.

7:38PM: Manet makes the world go round.

7:41PM: I hope Giovanni's been neutered.


7:45PM: I liked the bit when they were dancing.

7:47PM: They should have ended the routine in a litter tray.

7:56PM: Coming soon: a scent devised by Tess Daly, called 'Insincerity'.

8:00PM: They should have danced to the theme from Diagnosis Murder.

8:00PM: Gorka's UKIP Jacket.

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