Monday, 4 December 2017

'University Challenge: Week Twenty' (04.12.17)

While I’ve generally found the current series of University Challenge a little dull, tonight’s show was more fun than usual.

Perhaps it was just Raii’s inspirational beard density that got me going, or Roger Tilling’s particularly enthusiastic voice-overs (though when are they not?). I may have been deeply perplexed by UCL’s complete incapability to identify a song performed by Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave, but that’s the way things seem to go on the programme, if one team’s incapacity to identify a track by the Manic Street Preachers was anything to go by; if a question’s not about something elitist, the contestants basically have no hope.

See below for this evening’s Twitter rundown.

8:01PM: Maybe tonight, Paxman will be all warm, cuddly and approachable.

8:02PM: Just looking at Raii's beard makes a woman instantly pregnant.

8:04PM: There's nothing amusing about Roger Tilling proclaiming "Edinburgh Wang".

8:05PM: Eight students, but only one woman. Classic.

8:06PM: Raii's beard is made from the same material as a letterbox draught-excluder.

8:11PM: I like to imagine Jeremy Paxman in a Wiltshire cornfield in the dead of night, making two massive crop circles that read "COME ON" and "NO”.

8:14PM: You could lose two ferrets in Raii's beard. TWO.

8:17PM: Kylie and Nick, in a cave.

8:21PM: Love's Labour's Lobs.

8:22PM: Stone just gave Paxman a cheeky little wink; Paxman will make her a star.

8:23PM: I identified the picture of Edmund Hillary purely because he looked like Rob Brydon.

8:24PM: I’ve got a Vietnamese Dong.

8:24PM: Stroke Raii's beard to make fire.

8:25PM: Martin Luther wrote Free Willy?

8:26PM: I'm looking forward to when they do the Physical Challenge.

8:28PM: Heaton-Armstrong is wearing such a big denim shirt.

8:28PM: I think Roger Tilling just passed an "Edinburgh Stone".

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