Tuesday, 12 December 2017


I’ve never one to pass up a hashtag word game on Twitter, least of all when it involves my specialist subject: The Beatles.

So tonight, in the interest of having an early night as I’ve got Mostly Comedy to contend with tomorrow, I thought I’d share a few tweets I just dashed off for the trending game #SitcomTheBeatles; there aren’t many of them and they aren’t that special, but at least they keep me off the streets:

10:42PM: 2point4 No One.

10:43PM: Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Raymond.

10:43PM: Frasier Blues.

10:44PM: Mrs Brown's Boys.

10:45PM: Rising Damp (with Eleanor Rigsby)

10:46PM: Only Fools on the Hill and Horses.

10:47PM: Wait(ing for God)

10:49PM: Goodnight (Sweetheart).

10:50PM: Yes it (Min)is(ter).

10:54PM: Steptoe and Sun King.

10:55PM: Are You Being For the Benefit of Mr Kite?

11:00PM: Baby's in Blackadder.

(Please note: all of those tweets were posted within eighteen minutes; is that something to be proud of or not?)

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