Monday, 14 March 2016

University Challenged: Volume Ten (14.03.16)

It wouldn’t be a Monday without me turning to Twitter to subconsciously act out my jealousy of the University Challenge contestants' intelligence by picking on them so personally and unscrupulously  - so here goes.

(I’m sorry for being such a git.)

8:03pm: Kirkman is like Scottish for church, man.

8:05pm: Paxman thinks Bennett's "cuticle".

8:06pm: Kirkman saw tonight's #UniversityChallenge as 'Dress-down Monday'.

8:08pm: Ormestad Frendem is Mednerf Datsemro backwards.

8:09pm: Ormestad Frendem's hair looks like it's parted the wrong way.

8:10pm: Ormestad Frendem: two bad hands at Scrabble.

8:11pm: Gard-Murray's beard perfectly matches his name.

8:12pm: Kaliski's dad was Pob.

8:14pm: Gard-Murray's jacket and facial hair are made from the same corduroy.

8:17pm: Ormestad Frendem's surname was formed from left-over letters.

8:18pm: Isn't the Ormestad Frendem part of the male genitalia?

8:20pm: Smith is only in Nuffield's team to make up for Gard-Murray & Ormestad Frendem's surname obscurity.

8:22pm: Paxman Kirkman, Paxman Kirkman, Paxman Kirkman, PAXMAN KIRKMAN.

8:25pm: Paxman sped from his dressing room in record time to sidle up to Bennett at the BBC bar after the recording finished.

8:27pm: "Water water everywhere" (Coleridge). "Water way to have a good time" (Partridge).

8:29pm: Did Oxford purposely harmonise their goodbye?

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