Monday, 28 March 2016

The Angel of the North (London).

Tonight, I performed at Angel Comedy at the Camden Head in Islington.

It was nice to play a room with a real audience who were up for comedy, rather than a roomful of other comedians. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to wait for a laugh to subside before delivering a line. It was a genuine surprise and a welcome one at that.

The club was run like a tight ship and was very well subscribed, and not just because it was a bank holiday weekend. The crowd were very up for it, sounding positively ‘American sitcom’ by the end of the night. I closed the first half, which was good, as it zipped by, and I always find being early on the bill preferable; it’s nice to be able to relax and have a drink, instead of having to keep your brain in performance mode.

I feel I’ve turned a small corner in the last few weeks, regarding working alone. I’m a little less self-judgemental and a little more secure in my ability. ‘Little’ is the operative word of that sentence – I’m still hugely self-critical – but things are beginning to slot into place. I’m a lot more comfortable with performing without a projector than I used to be, and while I still prefer to use one, I feel more capable of holding attention without. Or at least that’s how I feel today. Still…it’s good to be taking baby steps in the right direction.

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