Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Back to the Meds.

Tonight I returned to my meditation class, after missing last week’s session due to misjudging when I should leave the house to catch the bus: I'd put on hairspray for nothing.

Frustratingly, I won’t be able to attend next week’s lesson either, which is the last one in term, because I have tickets to see Letters Live. Still, at least this is a cultured reason not to be there, which is far less embarrassing than missing the bus. As far as excuses go, it’s a vast improvement.

I found it hard to focus on the practice tonight, partly because I was late and partly because I'd had a lot on my mind during the day that I couldn’t put to one side so easily. I kept finding myself drawn back to things I needed to sort out instead of my mantra or my breath. If anything, this background noise became my mantra, instead of the phrase I kept trying to get back to, but there were moments of silence amongst it all that helped. Now, it’s time for bed; staying up late to post a blog is counter-intuitive if I’m too tired to focus on writing material tomorrow; no-one wants to see a stand-up show on this subject...unless they do.

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