Wednesday, 30 March 2016

"D.E. Phone Home."

I feel like most of my evening has been wasted, through trying to set up my new mobile phone.

Such is the way with modern technology. While it’s always exciting to be armed with a new bit of kit, far too much time can be spent initially, in making it work. All those fail-safe ways to quickly transfer data or install a backup never seem to work in practise, or maybe it’s just me.

It doesn’t help that every moment devoted to setting up my new handset should really have been given over to something else, such as compiling material for next week’s Bath Comedy Festival work-in-progress dates. I purposely upgraded my phone before I went to Bath, so I could make the most of its facilities for recording my sets and putting together the show. I’m still pleased I did this, I just wish I hadn’t taken so long to do things today, as it feels like another day was lost that could have been used for more important things.

Other than wrestling with my new BlackBerry Priv – which to its credit, looks pretty nifty – my Tuesday was spent walking my mum’s dog, sorting things for Thursday’s Mostly Comedy, checking brochure proofs for Edinburgh and having a look at some new material, ready to try out at tomorrow’s gig at Touching Cloth and Thursday’s Hitchin show. I keep looking at my calendar and realising how little time I have to get everything sorted for next week. If I have no more setbacks I should be able to get everything done, but it does feel like every second of every day is taken up; oh to have more assistance.

That said, I do have moments where I look at some of the clips of my recent work-in-progress gigs and feel a little heartened by the content. I fluctuate between thinking everything's rubbish and some of it’s quite good...but there’s no change there. If I can at least lean more often in the latter camp, it will all be okay. I’ll stop rambling now, as I’ve nearly transferred all my mobile data, and I could do with some sleep. Night night, electrical equipment; night night.

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