Tuesday, 25 April 2017


The Mostly Comedy website is about to have a massive overhaul, and not a moment too soon, I say.

The redesign was done by long-term Doggett & Ephgrave colleague and ex-Mostly doorman James Hingley, who’s done an excellent job of tidying things up while making it more interesting to look at. For a long while, we’ve let it slide (though not as much as the D&E site, which hasn’t been updated for years), so it will be nice to be back in action, making the most of the database of photographs we have since the club’s formation while also making it easier for us to sell more tickets; I’m amazed we’ve consistently sold as well as we have, when our website is often people’s first port-of-call and yet the last place to find the latest information.

The best bit about the website’s reworking is it will enable Glyn and I to update information easily from the comfort of our own homes without much additional effort. Previously, Glyn would have to do it, yet increasingly, he hasn’t had the time, while I tend to update the information everywhere else (WeGotTickets, Ents 24, Facebook and Twitter etc); now, we’ll both have equal access, meaning I can update line-up information at every source, without having to pass it on.

Thankfully, our excellent ticketing service-of-choice WeGotTickets has helped us sell so well over the years, thanks to its excellent cross-referencing and its user-friendliness, but having an up-to-date website will hopefully help us do even better while also doing less work - and who can say fairer than that?

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