Monday, 17 April 2017

Get Out of the Bath.

Tonight saw my last show in Bath, which I’m pleased to report went well, like the first one.

Me, contemplating the meaning of life, pre-show.
As is often the case when you have a long day with a gig at the end of it, it got to the stage where I almost hoped I wouldn’t have to do it. Signs literally seemed to point that way when I arrived at the venue to find I’d been missed off the blackboard outside; it’s disheartening when you’re booked to do a show at 6:00pm, yet the sign outside the pub suggests there’s nothing on until 11:00pm; how many people would see this and turn away?

This negative feeling was compounded when the act before me overran by over ten minutes, which meant I got into the space late and had less time to deal with a sound issue that came up. Thankfully, I managed to fix this, but the stress of the truncated get-in didn’t put me in the best mindset to talk for an hour; I could have done without the agro.

Ultimately, I was glad things went ahead, as it was the reason I was in town in the first place, and the more chances I get to run the material, the better. Again, the audience were lovely and responsive (despite the low numbers, what with BlackboardGate) and there was a real sense of things moving along. I’m already having  more fun with the material than I did with last year’s stuff, which is a great sign. It puts me in a great place for this week’s extended set at Mostly Comedy.

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